What does it mean to be a Great Jane?

Being a Great Jane is an all-encompassing idea for the modern mother. It’s a big movement internally and externally. It fosters intentional parenting, satisfying careers, self-care concerns, and connection with other women facing the bold questions of life balance. As entrepreneurs who are also moms, we wrestle with these important ambitions on a daily basis. We created The Great Jane retreat as a place for all mothers seeking mentorship and space to rejuvenate and prepare for their next act of holistic identity. We have built a thoughtful team of advisors to guide us through a weekend of energizing thought, movement, and relaxation.


“I really didn’t know what to expect from the Great Jane, but it turned out to be a super inspiring and insightful weekend. I was so grateful for the opportunity to meet some truly remarkable woman and make some great new friends. I walked away feeling energized and motivated to be the best version of myself – can’t wait for the next one! ”

– Alli Webb, The Dry Bar

“I came home with new mama friends that I couldn’t have met elsewhere and the much-needed understanding that there’s no right way to be a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur at once. My biggest learning? That we all need to be just a bit easier on ourselves and take more time to be present with those we love.  And worth noting, the meals were fresh, healthy and delicious!”

– Dara Segal, Simply Framed

“It is rare to have a retreat experience where you leave feeling both physically restored and inspired in business. I was so moved at how accessible this group of Mamas was and how openly everyone shared their journeys for others to learn and grow from, what a gift.”

– Jaclyn Ferber, Ten Over Ten

“When an environment is as serene as aspirational as The Great Jane retreat, the things you learn there really seep into your soul.  I really appreciate that Paige and Kelly created a mood in the setting and decor that allowed us to melt into the weekend.  The mix of workshops, panels, and ‘round table’ talks made the weekend so dynamic that you could barely detect you were there to learn something…it felt like a summer camp with your best friends!  What I love most about TGJ is that I’ve taken the lessons with me, and have been prioritizing building my tribe back in Brooklyn.”

– Lanie List, Lovely Bride

“I left The Great Jane feeling connected to a part of myself that has been buried under the many beautiful but challenging layers of motherhood for so many years. It is so inspiring to know that the part of me I miss, and often forget about, is still there waiting for a time when I’m ready and able give my attention back to myself. And that in the meantime we are all part of this greater community of thoughtful, engaged, creative, and supportive women and mothers.”

– Kristina Meltzer, 100 Layer Cakelet

“The great jane was a delicious mix of beauty doing her good work to heal us and connection doing her good work to love us.  These are the ingredients for a magical feast. I left the great jane light, full & ready.”

– Jules Blaine Davis

“I had no idea what to expect from The Great Jane. To say it beat every expectation is an understatement. The women were all hustlers and innovative thinker, ready to put aside any inhibitions in the name of the real connection.  Every meal was delicious, each activity was thought and perfectly executed and the conversations were beyond inspiring.  And to top it all off,  Jenny and I formed relationships that have resulted in a real business that continues to this day. That’s what I call a weekend well spent.”

– Gina Hadley, The Second Shift