Ever thought why you are not able to hit the target with your handgun? Well, there must be some factors behind it.

I won’t be telling you where you are lagging behind but I can suggest some ways to improve your accuracy with a handgun. By following some simple measures you will be able to improve your shooting accuracy using a handgun.

You must have been amused when the movie ‘Wanted’ came out, to be honest, you cannot swing the bullet after pulling the trigger it is absolutely impossible but you can improve your accuracy like you must have seen in some realistic movies. But don’t to be an action with a gun in your hand. Jokes apart.

Before telling you the important factors I would suggest you choose the right biometric handgun safe for yourself. The size of the handgun also matters so choose the perfect handgun.

The first thing to consider while shooting is to ensure that you have a good firm stance and a firm grip on the weapon which will help to maintain total control over the handgun.

Your stance is also a main factor shooting a gun.

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Isosceles Stance

In this stance, both your shoulders and your hips are parallel to the target with your hands extended out and if you look this from the top you will notice that an isosceles triangle has been formed by your body position. We recommend you to use shoulder holster for fast access to your gun. To know more about Holsters you can visit gunsafereview.net.

Weaver Stance

In this stance, your hands are at 30 – 50 degrees at an angle to the target while your elbows are slightly bent. This stance is best when you are shooting with large caliber handguns as one leg is behind the other allows managing the recoil in a better way.

Fighting Stance

Some people call this a boxer’s stance because when you hold a gun in this stance you will look like a boxer waiting to hit a hard punch. This stance was developed in the US army. It is a very effective stance. This stance is very useful as it also allows the shooter to defend himself with his/hands that is why it is also known as the Boxer’s stance or the Fighting Stance.


Push and Pull Effect

This is done to improve the stability of the gun. With your primary hand with which you will be shooting you should be pushing it away and with your secondary hand you have to pull the gun towards you, this push and pull effect will give you a greater stability on the gun.

Trigger Finger

The placement of your trigger finger is a key to improving accuracy. If you put too much pressure on the trigger finger while shooting then your hand might become shaky and your accuracy will be affected. This is the same case if you put too little pressure on the trigger finger. So you need to find a way to control your trigger finger so that your hand does not wobble hence affecting your shooting accuracy. The best way to hit the trigger is slightly in front of the knuckle.


While shooting the handgun make sure to focus on the front side of the handgun instead of focusing on the back side of the handgun or focusing the target. Always make sure that top side of the handgun and the back side of the handgun are completely even. With the correct stance and the correct trigger pull, you will definitely hit the target.

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