Yep! Today we’re making candles, and it’s actually crazy easy. I got really frustrated last season trying to find the perfect fall candle. Everything I got my hands on was almost $20 (I’m looking at you small sized Woodwicks). And even when I found a good price, the fragrance was overpowering or too artificial.

This spring, I’ve decided to go all in with my essential oils starter kit from Young Living. If you haven’t checked out their site yet, it’s a game changer. I’d been following a lot of DIY ideas from The Droppery but this time I wanted to try my own. And what better place to start than with candles?

I love my diffuser, but I don’t have one in every room. This simple DIY is a great way to incorporate oils into everyday life while filling your room with pure, therapeutic scents. I started by ordering my supplies from Bulk Apothecary because I’ve known people to use that company and my own research confirmed it was the best place to start.

I already had Lemon and Lavender handy, but both are included in your Young Living Premium Starter kit, so once yours arrives, your good to go! There are so many scent combinations you can explore, so I’m really excited to make more of these little treasures once my kit arrives.

I read a ton of DIY ideas and all of them sounded really complicated… so I’ve simplified it to make these 4oz candles. I had an old candle in this jar, so I just reused it, but you can buy crates of the 4oz size and 8oz size- just be sure to double the recipe!  It literally took me 5 min.

The first step is to melt your wax flakes (if you have a block, chop into cubes similar to if you were melting butter). It takes twice as many ounces to fill it in liquid form, so for a 4oz candle, shoot for 8oz of wax. Heat for about 1-2 minutes in the microwave using 30-second increments, and stirring between each.

Once it’s all melted, add you’re essential oils! If using a 4oz jar, stick to about 15-17 drops total. I wanted mine fairly light since it’s going to a small bathroom and not scenting a whole room. So I used 7 drops lavender, and 4 drops lemon, using the lemon to balance the lavender more than anything. Of course, you can create whatever combo you like!

Dip the metal end of the wick into the melted wax and press into the bottom of the jar. The tacky wax sort of acts like a glue. Then give your melted wax and oils a good stir and pour directly into your jar, holding the wick steady if you need to. Some ideas recommended using a clothespin to hold the wick in place, but mine stayed pretty steady so I just used a plastic straw to keep it from wanting to learn while the wax set.

Now you wait! 24 hours is a safe bet. I would not put this in the fridge to speed up the process since rapid cooling can cause divots or cracks in your candle wax. After it’s set, trim your wick to about 1in height. Your finished product should look something like this!

While I waited for it to set, I decided to be super crafty and paint the lid with chalkboard paint, lest I forget which oils I put in here! Totally not necessary, but kinda fun.

Tada! So easy, and now I have a brand new, essential oil candle to add some charm to my guest bathroom.


Homemade candles using Young Living essential oils to add natural, pure fragrance.
Cook Time- 5 min
Total Time- 24 hr 5 min


  1. 8oz Advanced soy wax flakes
  2. 15-17 drops of essential oils (I used 7 drops Lavender, 5 Lemon for a light fragrance)
  3. 1 pre-waxed 3in wick
  4. 1 4oz jelly jar


  1. Heat wax flakes in microwave safe container for 1-2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds until fully melted
  2. Dip metal end of wick into melted wack and secure to bottom of jelly jar, using straw or paper clip to keep wick upright
  3. Add in desired essential oils to melted wax and stir. Then pour wax into jelly jar, being sure to stabilize the wick if needed
  4. Allow to sit for 24 hours or until wax is set. Do NOT put in the refrigerator as rapid cooling can cause wax to dip or crack
  5. Once the candle is set, cut the wick to about 1 inch and you’re ready to enjoy!


You can also use a wood wick for these candles. Just soak wick in olive oil for an hour, and wipe off excess with paper towel Then secure the wood wick in a wick clip (sold together) and stick it to the bottom with melted wax as usual!

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