I’ll be the first to admit I’m not that great at DIYs. I’m great at having DIY ideas but when it comes to execution, I usually fall short or leave it up to my husband to do the actual work. Not this time! This project was so easy, it’s hardly a project at all. And it literally took me five minutes. In a fraction of the time it takes to shop for air freshener, you could have made your own and with no harsh chemicals, weird fake smells, or aerosol cans.

How do you ask? Essential oils of course! It’s becoming my answer to everything lately and for good reason. If you haven’t done your reading, check out Young Living’s line of essential oils. They are high quality, therapeutic grade oils that are safe for all types of uses around your home from cleaning counter tops, to hair and scalp treatments. My older sister made her own shampoo and you should SEE the difference in her hair. I won’t get carried away on that because I’m saving that for another day (guest post, perhaps…)

I think we can all agree there are these “spots” in our house that just don’t get a lot of attention, whether it be a room we hardly enter or a back corner of the house that just doesn’t get proper airflow. Our guest bedroom is all of the above, and over time it just gets kinda musty no matter how much I dust or sweep in there. It finally hit me the other day, the linens, while clean, sit on a made bed for weeks and just don’t get any air. I wash them, put them on the bed and rewash them a month later, but during that time they just start to smell. It’s not a bad smell but it’s definitely not the “fresh linen” scent they came out of the dryer with. So what’s a girl to do? Wash bedsheets once a week even though no one is sleeping on them? Who’s got time for that?

Enter this essential oil linen freshener. It takes less than 5 minutes to make and stores well beneath any bathroom sink or linen closet until you need it next. I spritzed my guest bedroom linens,  my master bedroom linens, the hand towels in the bathrooms, and my couch pillows. This stuff smells SO good! And you can change up the scent however you like. I used a combination of YL Lavender and Lemon to add some freshness. You could also add YL’s Purification or Rosemary to the mix. Lavender, Lemon, and Rosemary are a pretty versatile and popular mix because of the earthy fresh scent it adds to the home.

For those worried about the alcohol in it, don’t worry. The alcohol does not stain or leech color off any fabrics, and it evaporates super quickly. If you just had oil and water in your spray bottle, the oils wouldn’t emulsify in the water as well and you would get an uneven distribution coming up through the spray spout. If it bothers you, or you don’t have vodka in the house, use high-quality pure vanilla extract (spoiler alert, it’s also made with alcohol but it adds depth to the scent).



  1. 3/4 cup filtered water
  2. 2 Tbs vodka (or pure vanilla extract)
  3. 14 drops of essential oils, any combo (I used 7 Lemon and 7 Lavender)
  4. 8-16oz glass spray bottle for storing


Combine first three ingredients in the glass spray bottle and shake shake shake. That’s it! You’re ready to add a spritz to your home and freshen up those corners.

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